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It is disappointing that businesses still operate under the belief that they have to "sell a customer." The 21st century is about partnerships, not selling. By partnering with a client, everyone benefits. Mutual growth, success, and stability can be achieved, but only by throwing out the old play book and turning to Client Services. This isn't a call to turn off the lights on your sales team; this is a call to show them the light.
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Customers buy because of features, and clients remain because of benefits. Within 90 days of contract end, no matter the solution or product, customers start to shop around. In the same period of time, clients and partners are discussing strategy for the coming year together. Growth. Success. Stability. So if you have Client Services in place, you’re actually doing two things: keeping your customers AND growing your business at the same time! By listening, collaborating, and working together as a team, we can achieve great success. A consultative operation will help clients focus on their work while we provide support. This trust allows us to make recommendations that will help the client succeed. This success breeds stability and cooperation—knowledge of shared goals and someone to bounce new ideas off of.

Knowing your base revenue for the coming year is essential for both businesses and their clients. By stabilizing your revenue, you can ensure a smooth working environment for employees, who will be able to hire all the resources they need. This benefits both parties – the business gets more manpower, and the client gets assurance of a stable income.

Client Services is the heart and soul of any company. It’s where every customer interaction begins and ends, and it’s responsible for nurturing the relationship between customer and company. By working together as one cohesive unit, Client Services can help businesses grow their success and stability.

Relationships are King. And they always will be.

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