Market and Client analysis

Get direction and outline measurable goals

In developing a new offering, a company needs to first identify the potential customer’s pain point. Only then can it determine whether the customers’ pain is sufficient to make the company’s value proposition viable. These calculations are important, but they are not enough to create sustainable profit: The firm must also find the right sales strategy to effectively pair with the innovation to engage customers.


This is a critical step that will already have been reviewed in the initial assessment, but now it is time to step up and create strategies to back the new approach.


This is a process that will take time and we normally allocate at least a month for this. Our expert will be in your office and work closely with your management team, sales team, and operations team to create a structure, system, and process that fits your company and market.

Next Step: Create a killer Strategy!

You are changing all the variables in the formula “how to sell what to whom.” To increase the odds of success, your company must be ready to rethink the sales management and strategy the same way you are reengineering your product and service offering.

We will focus on the following steps:

  • Review of the market position of the company
  • Analysis of the industries and the company’s position
  • Mapping of the main accounts and relationships
  • Review of market potential and growth capacity

Once we have a clear overview of the new “how to sell what to whom” formula, we can move on to the next steps.

Your investment: $ 15.000 USD (excluding travel and accommodation)

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